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Quotes from our contributing authors

"These people live a tough life. Some live on boats, with no choice but to use the water for cooking and bathing. They eke out an existence selling food or handcrafts and rarely set foot on land. They work so hard and have so little, yet they’re the most generous, hospitable people I’ve ever come across. The western world could learn a lot from such people."

- Justine Southwick


"The sleepy village... was a rare find. A gateway to a unique and amazing travel experience that hadn't been contaminated by the commercialism of tourism. A travel experience that was still pure."

- Jason Godfrey


"I am here for the dragon dance, the Chinese acrobats and musicians, Chinese sweets, and the gigantic animal lanterns which seem to have been released from some enchanted zoo: to my left a giraffe, behind me an elephant, before me a Koala, and a fleet of glowing dragons hovering above!"

- Daniel Krieger


"The Koreans rightly saw modern industrialization as the way out of their predicament. They set to work with a vengeance. By any measure they have succeeded. No longer a 'Hermit Kingdom,' modern day Korea is a wonder of skyscrapers and sophistication."

- John Regan

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Oriental Tales Magazine is an online short story publisher devoted to showcasing entertaining and thought-provoking travel tales about Asia. In every new issue, readers will be able to view seven new short travel stories by travel writers who want to share their knowledge and experience of the Orient.

This magazine is not a travel guide; our contributing authors document their experiences from a particular region by presenting a microcosm of events that is intended to spark our readers’ imaginations and curiosities about travel destinations throughout Asia. From the unique perspective of the aesthetic and adventurous travel writer-- Oriental Tales Magazine brings you travel entertainment about Asia at its very best.

At your own leisure, conveniently browse through the magazine to read the short travel stories and view the photos submitted by our contributors. We hope you enjoy the featured travel tales, illustrations, and photography in every issue of Oriental Tales Magazine.


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